An Empowering Guide to Lung Cancer

Six Steps to Take Charge of Your Care and Your Life
By Eric Presser, MD
Dispelling the commonly held belief that lung cancer is always self-inflicted, this book guides patients, their loved ones, and caregivers through diagnosis, acceptance, and treatment, and provides support and hope to the tens of thousands of people coping with this illness.


Eric Presser, M.D., is an attending Thoracic Surgeon at Premier Surgical Asssosiate in Palm Spring, CA, and Associate Professor at the University of California Riverside, School of Medicine.


The Importance of Quitting Smoking

Every year in the United States almost 400,000 people die from tobacco caused deaths. Dr. Eric Presser at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs discusses the importance of quitting smoking.


Dr. Eric Presser has lectured widely on the benefit of Screening for Prevention and Early Detection for lung cancer. As an innovator and inventor, Presser is a consultant for the leading medical equipment companies, including Covidien, Life Technologies, and Galen Technologies.

Dr. Eric Presser teaches us about the value of investing in our health right now with science based, low risk practices and lifestyle choices that can help kick unhealthy habits that increase our cancer risk while putting us on the path to enhanced wellbeing.

While learning more about cancer, I discovered that for each person who dies, many more will be saved, in large measure because of the efforts of people like my good friend Dr. Eric Presser, a pioneering thoracic surgeon and recognized lung cancer expert.

-Rodney Sacks